SynergE Worcester was founded on the principle that the greatest sustainability advancements can be achieved through collaboration. The initiative’s three colleges and two strategic partners aim to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions among the colleges through energy efficiency installations, metering, building operator training, and behavior change. The initiative also supports the advancement of sustainability education through provision of learning opportunities for students, faculty, administration, and other stakeholders. The unique synergies created between the colleges and their strategic partners will serve to enhance, complement, and spotlight existing sustainability programming on each campus.

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Specialized Incentives
Participating colleges receive energy efficiency incentives specifically designed for the college environment. Through participation in long-term, comprehensive energy management, the colleges will enjoy significant benefits.

Multi-Year Program
The multi-year structure of the program and its associated incentives accommodate college planning and budget cycles to provide flexible routes for colleges to make energy and infrastructure investments, and to take advantage of the enhanced incentive levels.

People Solutions
SynergE emphasizes the unique ways for students, faculty members, staff, and stakeholders to change energy consumption, implement sustainability measures, and save money for their colleges based on the opportunities and needs of each institution.

Educational Mission
The initiative offers an excellent opportunity for colleges to advance their core mission through the innovations inherent in SynergE Worcester by incorporating components of the project into their educational programming.

Financial Innovation
SynergE explores creative ways to increase investment in energy efficiency and sustainability while minimizing debt and financing costs.

Sustainability/Energy Model for Other Colleges
A primary intent of the initiative is to develop innovative implementation, student engagement, and financing that could serve as a model for other colleges.