Welcome to the April Challenge


Previous Winners

March: Holy Cross
February: WPI
January: Clark
December: WPI
November: Holy Cross
October: WPI

The Prizes

Monthly Prizes

Every month, one participant will be randomly selected to win $20. Swag!

Grand Prizes

By taking the Challenge you can win one of these grand prizes: a solar powered-backpack (worth $125.00), a folding commuter bike (worth $170), or a $100 gift card to Patagonia (worth, uh, $100).

Winning A Grand Prize

Every month you play the Challenge you will be entered to win one of the grand prizes. You can have up to 8 entries in the Challenge for the year! Once in a while there are bonus questions that get you an extra entry!


How It Works

Every month, community members at Clark, WPI, and Holy Cross can take a new Tri-Campus Challenge featuring questions about campus sustainability on this site.


The school with the most participants each month wins the Challenge. Participants are counted by valid college email addresses, so be sure to enter yours.

Answering Questions

The Challenge questions are just that–challenging! But not to worry, you’re participation is what counts so you don’t need to get the right answers. The correct answers are displayed after each question so you’ll find out immediately if you got it right or not.


Who Can Play

Students, faculty, and staff at Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the College of the Holy Cross are eligible to take the Challenge. Participants must enter a .edu email address from one of these schools to win one of the prizes and be counted in the competition!



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Click the links above to take previous months’ Challenges. These Challenges are closed and participation will no longer be counted.