Holy Cross Power Down Challenge

Power Down

The Holy Cross Environmental Liaisons are challenging students, faculty, and staff on the campus to commit to one new energy-saving behavior in their daily lives. The college has committed to carbon neutrality by 2040, and already reduced 23 percent comparative to its 2007 baseline emission inventory. Through the Power Down Challenge, the Liaisons are working to engage the entire community in meeting its sustainability goals.

Will you accept the Power Down Challenge?

Students, faculty, and staff at Holy Cross can accept the Power Down Challenge by choosing one new energy-saving behavior, such as:

  1. Shut down your computer when not in use. Most popular choice — saves up 730 kWh per year. If every student took this challenge, the emissions saved would be equivalent to taking 38 round-the-world flights.
  2. Turn off task lighting and overhead lights when leaving the room. Saves up to 220 kWh per year. If you and your best friend took this challenge, the emissions saved would be equivalent to taking a round-trip road trip from Holy Cross to New York City.
  3. Set power management features on a major appliance like a computer or printer to activate when you haven’t used the device for 15 minutes. Saves up to 670 kWh per year, a carbon impact equal to driving from Holy Cross to Roanoke, Va.
  4. Choose your own action! How much could you save?

The Power Down Challenge is a part of the SynergE Worcester project, a campaign to advance higher education sustainability in Worcester. SynergE is a collaborative effort between College of the Holy Cross, Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, National Grid, and GreenerU.