The Tri Campus Challenge is a monthly sustainability quiz that members of any of the SynergE schools may complete for a chance to win a monthly prize or end-of-year raffle. The campus with the highest percentage of participation will win the challenge that month!
Tri Campus Challenge

On September 30, Clark and SynergE launched the second academic year of its Green Room project, in which students provide sustainability audits in the residence halls and offer their peers tips on sustainable living.
Clark University

Holy Cross’s Environmental Liaisons are in the midst of the Power Down Challenge–a program to engage students, faculty, and staff in energy-saving behaviors every day. The office and residence hall with the highest participation rates will win the Challenge!
Holy Cross

SynergE is proud to help WPI reinvigorate its Eco Rep program, a peer-to-peer sustainability education group.

Building operators at the three SynergE Worcester schools currently participate in a Building Operator Certification (BOC) course that the initiative helped to organize in Worcester, MA.
Building Operator Training